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Since 1984 the name Thomas Sabo has stood for versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery and watch designs of the highest quality.

Discover our


Here at Flitwick Jewellers we are proud of our varied range of jewellery.

We aim to bring you your favourite high street jewellery names, such as Thomas Sabo or Trollbeads. Or help you to discover some world leading jewellery designers as well as traditional jewellery items.

Discover our jewellery brands below

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Beautifully classic, contemporary sterling silver jewellery by Kit Heath. An award-winning brand renowned for its distinctive, classic yet contemporary designs with timeless style; synonymous with an understated yet confident aesthetic.

Kit Heath

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We believe that the urge to collect is a basic instinct. Our whole life is built up by memories and Trollbeads gives you the chance to symbolically carry these memories with you or just to have fun with them.

Since 1989, our growing range of jewellery has captured the hearts and imaginations of jewellery lovers from far and wide. Every piece they create contains rare Welsh gold - the Gold of Royalty for over 100 years.

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A unique blend of precious metals, and a real diamond in each piece, makes Hot Diamonds the discerning choice.

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Timelessly beautiful necklaces, bracelets
and earrings. 

Elegance can be so casual.

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Jewellery personalised with your stories in our range of pendants, chimes, chains, angel wings and more.

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Angel Whisperer


Personalise this precious bracelet made of stainless steel and gold thanks to the way an ingenious spring mechanism connects the Links. 

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There are many more to discover in store

Something a little different

As well as our fabulous branded jewellery, we also have a great range of silver jewellery. If you are looking for something specific, unique, contemporary or classic. We can help you to find it.


Something a little special

We are really proud of our collections of gold and gemstone jewellery. If you want a specific gem to represent a birthstone, or desire some classic diamond jewellery, we can help you discover your perfect gem.

Create an heirloom


If you would like a special bespoke piece made then please come in to see us with your ideas, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you and would love to help and guide you through the process.

Unique to you

From engagement rings to wedding bands, bracelets to brooches. Should you want to commission a totally new piece, or even to reset and revive an heirloom gemstone. There are hundreds of possibilites.


Jewellery Cleaning at home

Daily life can be tough on your favourite jewellery.

Cooking, washing, and products can leave your once sparkling jewellery, dull and lifeless.

At Flitwick Jewellers we will be able to advise you on the best way to keep your jewellery clean and glistening with our range of at home cleaning products.

Pop in to rediscover your sparkle.

Jewellery Care
& Repair

Keep on shining. Take a look through our range of jewellery services.

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